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A dubbing studio at chalakudy; Designed for quality audio and music production through experienced engineering professionals.
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New Song Project - With Shijin Varghese Kannampilly

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New song session - With blessed young musician Paul P Lal

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Song recording session - With Ratheesh Rajan (Vocals) and Vishwas Nair (Acoustic Guitar)


General Audio Tech

  • Recording

    Professional recording service needs a sound isolated and acoustically echo filtered space along with industry standard recording types of equipment that needs a huge financial investment. In our studio, we have a good arrangement of these that helps anyone produce digital soundtracks for any purpose. The recording service is charged per hour any customer takes in the studio to finish his/her recording. For longer recording hours needed for project works (any recording project that may exceed 6 hours has benefited through flexible packages), contact via telephone or email to get more details.
  • Dubbing

    Dubbing is an art of speech generally done behind screens of movie production. It takes a good artist to integrate or modulate his voice as a particular character and produce sound and speech co-related to the motion of the character in sync with the film. The lip movements shall be clearly visible for the artist to perform a perfect dubbing and it takes a big screen to clearly help its perfection. We have arranged this facility in our studio effectively in the recording room itself and functions magically comfortable for any artists to perform a perfect dubbing.
  • Mixing and Mastering

    Multitrack audio mixing and mastering with the worlds most renowned digital audio workstation Avid Protools. Master your audio specifically for web-based platforms such as youtube, Apple iTunes, google music, Spotify, etc. or television, theater, radio or venue/stage purposes. The cost is estimated by unit per minute for the total audio provided that needs a mix and master, silent audio regions in the tracks will be sliced away and not included for cost estimation.

Creative Audio Tech

  • Music Production | Background Scoring

    We all love music, but music cannot be created or designed for your needs unless you acquire a certain level of knowledge deeply in theory and skills. We highly focus on innovating the required knowledge, software, technologies, and gadgets, artists support and additional skills on a daily basis that might be of use for you or someone to produce trending songs or soundtracks. Contact us for further details and queries regarding new songs composing, programming or cinema/short film/ads background score music if any required.
  • Sound Fx Design

    Producing or designing real-world sounds in nature for a film/dramatic soundtrack is an art that requires deep knowledge in sound basics and has a major impact on the audience than a direct field recording ever. Sound effects can be field noises such as a road, room, city, forest or rain or other ambient sound spaces, and can also include other object based sounds needed for a film, drama, skit or other purposes. We have the required tools, skills and experience for any such requirement. Contact our professionals for further details and queries regarding sound fx designing.


a month ago
Awesome service at reasonable price.
- Paul P
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Loved the environment. The team was Helpful and understanding. Nice working them.
- Jith P
2 years ago
One of the best studios i have seen so far👍👍
- Ceeliya V

What is special?

Technology simplifies any given task. Modern day technologies are so competent and advanced that may even remove the need of a human interaction. They are emerging and varying its form continuously in our everyday life. Yet the art of creativity is human choice. What happens when there is a need to bind it so as to produce an art form. It takes a vast knowledge, major time and effort of a lifetime sometimes yet difficult to achieve.

Our vision is to simplify this strategy in the field of audio and music. Through constant learning and research about the varying technology and methods, and by adapting the right tools and skill, we are motivated to help the creators and artists of media industry to achieve their desired product results without losing artistic form and value.

With us, you may let an experience go beyond the boundaries by unleashing the power of creativity over technology.

Studio Features

In our studio one can record vocals, instrumental music tracks (e.g., electric guitar, piano, saxophone), voice-over artists for advertisements or dialogues in film, television, or animation, foley, or to record their accompanying musical soundtracks.

We have professional facilities and tools for 
  • Recording
  • Dubbing
  • Audio editing and noise filtering
  • Music production
  • Sound effects design
  • Professional audio mixing and mastering

Payment schemes

Our payment schemes are designed to be reasonable and flexible for different aspects. 

GENERAL AUDIO TECH SERVICES:   Recording, editing and dubbing works are charged hourly basis, where as, technical audio processing works including mixing and mastering are charged separately on total audio input per minute basis before processing.

FLEXIBLE SESSION PACKS:   Our payment schemes also offer flexible studio session packages for reduced hourly charges, that best suits project based works or artists.
  1. Nano session pack (3 days validity)
  2. Mini session pack (10 days validity)
  3. Mega session pack (21 days validity)
(Note: Contact us to know more about the package price and the hourly recording rates of that particular package)

CREATIVE AUDIO TECH SERVICES:   Composing music, orchestration, sound effects design, etc. falls under creative audio works category and will be charged in consideration to several factors. The payment required will be declared to the client prior to the work. (Note:  Creative works demand 50% advance payment in terms of agreements provided).

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